Fast, Extensible, On-premise
Global BGP Monitoring

Comprehensive Software Solution

Everything you need to monitor BGP

BGPKIT provides comprehensive tool suite to allow our customers build on-premise monitoring services for global and local BGP data.

Complete Tool Suite

Complete BGP data tool suite: data collection, parsing, analysis, programmable and visual interface, and data warehousing.

Rust Implementation

Complete Rust implementation for all core components to provide the best performance and stability for the platform.

Powerful Extensibility

Designed to provide powerful API and assist customers to further customize workflow to meet individual needs.

Security Incidence Monitoring

Built-in BGP security monitoring capability to enable situational-awareness with customers' network assets.

Real-time Data Processing

Utilize state-of-the-art streaming technology to enable real-time processing and analysis as BGP events happens.

Resource Repository

Provides all-in-one BGP resource repository to allow cross-resource search, intel aggregation and long-term storage.

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