Rust-based implementation with focus on parsing efficiency enables performance on-par with industry-leading C-based alternatives.


BGPKIT Parser is designed with a focus on providing the most ergonomic experience for the developers to start building customized workflow with the parser library.


BGPKIT Parser incorporates standard networking and compression libraries, allowing users to point to any remote compressed MRT file and start parsing immediately.


It is fully open-sourced and MIT license. The source code is available on GitHub, and it is actively maintained by us and the community.

How it Works in Action?

Let's say we want to print out all the BGP announcements/withdrawal from a single MRT file, either located remotely or locally. Here is an example that does so.

Yes, it is this simple! Give the constructor function an URL or a local file path, and you are able to iterate through all the BGP messages in the file.

It automatically handles retrieving remote file, decompressing content, and reconstructing individual BGP messages from combined MRT data structure.

Customer profile user interface

Interested in trying it out?Checkout our code repository!