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REST API for searching BGP archive files across public data collection projects. Data updated in real-time.

Powerful REST API for Data Search

BGPKIT Broker provides powerful REST API that allows users to search for BGP data files from different collection projects by time ranges, data types, or collector name. It also provides real-time statistics of the data availability for all collectors.

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Ergonomic Rust API

Apart from the REST API, we also provide an opensource Rust API that strives for ergonomic and ease of use. After creating a custom search parameter, users can simply iterate on the broker object to get the information of matching data files in order. The API also handles pagination automatically so that user can iterate all files with ease.

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On-premise Deployment for the Best Performance

Spin up a BGPKIT API instance is simple and fast. Custom data collector option also available.

Initial Bootstrap Time
< 10 Min
Data Availability Delay
< 2 Min
Data Collectors
Real-time Streaming

Research and Educational Usage

Free of Charge

BGPKIT Broker are free to use for research and educational purposes.

This includes on-premise deployment.

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